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I read a great article the other day, “How A UX Review Increased Revenue by 112%” It was written by Helena over at, (follow her on twitter here!) She discussed how UX case studies prove ROI and it was so good, that I wanted to share what she said… so here’s my take on her wise words!

There has been a marked surge in user experience design playing a part within the development of apps and websites over the last few years. Those forward thinking companies who have wisely invested in user experience are now reaping the benefits in the form of huge returns on their investment.

This article and infographic highlights that for every $1 invested in user experience, you can expect a return of up to $100! It seems to be a no brainer right? …Well, apparently not given that on average, only 11.5% of budgets assigned to develop products are actually spent on user experience design – sheer madness!

Here are three UX case studies that highlight the benefits and prove potential ROI of user experience design – they make an undeniably compelling argument for investing in UX!


Retail being omnichannel, Schuh knew that to boost online sales, they were going to have to invest time and money ensuring that their online store was as intuitive and user friendly across mobile devices as what a customer has come to expect when they visit a physical shop.

Taking the initiative, Schuh conducted 2 rounds of smartphone user testing with Whatusersdo. This allowed them to analyse attitudes to shopping on a smartphone and also meant they were able to pinpoint conversion problems and to shine a light on friction points harming conversion. They found a number of problem areas including; usability of navigation, site speed and intuitiveness of the store checker.

The testing drew attention to where Schuh needed to make adjustments to their mobile shopping experience, which meant they then knew where to focus to make the process more intuitive and as a result increase sales. Minimising friction for the user and boosting conversion opportunities through intuitive design was a key factor in improvements.

“A quick, easy & cost-effective way to get immediate, quality feedback on problems your customers are facing today. On the back of the feedback we received regarding the difficulties faced in stock reservation, we made the reservation services more obvious which resulted in an increase in conversions.”

— Stuart Findlay, Online Development Manager, Schuh

Read more here.


Will the paint actually look the same colour as it does on the tin when you’ve got it on your walls? We’ve all been there! Dulux reached out to Webcredible  to help them create an app to boost consumer confidence (and following on from that,) increase conversions.

Webcredible employed a user centric approach when designing the “Visualiser app” to ensure that any and all user interactions would be as simple as possible, and early research pointed to the finished app being a successful addition to Dulux’s marketing arsenal. In the end, carrying out several rounds of user testing made certain that both the user’s experience and journey within the app delighted them – the benefits of which are clear when you take a look at these results from the release of the global app:

5+ million downloads
65% increase in tester sales
92% increase in stockist searches
247% increase in usage

“We invited Webcredible to work with us on an ongoing basis to ensure that user experience was designed in from the start. Their enthusiastic input has produced some great results.”

— Stewart Longhurst, Global Head of Digital Operations at Dulux

You can check out the full case study write up here or download the app in the iTunes Store.


Javafly approached user experience agency Gobysavvy with the aim of increasing usability and conversions whilst reducing bounce rate and improving brand perception on their e-commerce platform. Gobysavvy completed a UX review on Javafly’s site to establish which areas could be improved upon and also, (crucially in my opinion!) took the time to really familiarise themselves with Javafly as a brand alongside their business goals.

The audit uncovered pain points and therefore quick wins to be addressed. It also prioritised findings and gave measurable solutions. The results show just how incredibly valuable a UX audit can be! Check out my UX audit packages.

20%+ increase in conversions leading to 112% increase in revenue
74%+ increase in the number of transactions
22% increase in average order value
Reduced number of clicks to complete a transaction
Improved perceived usability

“GobySavvy’s UX Review lifted our conversion rates to a point where we are comfortable to focus heavily on SEO and marketing.”

— Mike Baron, Marketing at Javafly

Read the full case study here

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that you found these UX case studies and stats insightful! Thanks again to Helena over at for pulling together these amazing case studies and stats in the first place. 🙂

It just shows how vital factoring in user experience is to the success of businesses and products small and large. If you are a product owner who’s not already reaping the rewards of inducting UX into your business, there’s no time like the present when you can yield results like those showcased above!

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