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So I’ve just written a quick vision guide for my blog. Like with UX, understanding your persona, market and vision sets the scene for what you provide to your audience. This understanding is crucial for any project let alone a blog, as if you get it wrong or don’t research up front, you can lose your way later on with the messaging and even the function of the project, which in turn can waste a lot of time and moolah.

Here’s a great template to help you formulate your own blog or content strategy. This is taken from Dan Norris’ book Content Machine which is a quick informative read on rocking your content strategy.

Anyway, so I’m clear on what I’m planning to provide to you guys, and so you can see if you wanna stick around to read it, this is my cunning plan… let me know what you think!

Goal and Vision:

To craft truly inspirational empathetic UX content aimed at established entrepreneurs with customers and revenue that need clear, no jargon actionable UX help and guidance. Also to Inspire fellow UX comrades looking to reconnect with the empathetic UX lifestyle. The inspirational voice of the UX entrepreneurial community. Readers MUST find the content inspirational so they are compelled to share, follow, sign up to our email database, hire our services and one day feel compelled to buy our UX products in the future. The content must give the reader confidence, uncovering not what we do but why we do it. The goal is to do business with people who believe what we believe and the blog will be the catalyst. The blog will have an underlying theme surrounding doing what you love and why it’s important not only for product UX design but in our own personal pursuit of happiness.


We stand out from the crowd because we make UX accessible for non UX designers and get the subject across in a fun, influential, inspirational voice.


Fun (edge of humour), Easy to understand – no lingo (if acronyms are used explain.) Compassionate but Opinionated, Inspirational, No swearing, Beneficial, Practical, Actionable, Thoughtful. Valuable. Credible. It’s not about me but the reader. Be generous.

Hi, I'm Tom! A UX/UI specialist and founder. I'm passionate about increasing conversion and revenue for growing online companies through expert UX/UI design and consultancy.