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Boost conversion with an actionable UX audit.

Uncover your web apps biggest UX and UI design weaknesses fast or your money back.

Are UX design issues costing you customers?

  • Too few people are converting to paying customers, damn them!
  • Customers keep getting stuck and don’t understand how to use your product.
  • People keep complaining about how dated your product looks, how dare they!?
  • Adding new features isn’t solving problems, it’s just causing more confusion.
  • Customers are frustrated and boy are they letting you know about it!

You know this can’t go on. How much more time and money can you afford to waste? If you don’t overcome these key UX obstacles and fast, your customers will leave you for a better competitor… and then what?

It’s time to give your users the experience they deserve.


You need an independent perspective.

Why not swat up and fix UX issues yourself? Even if you had the time to become a UX pro, you are biased and can’t fairly review your own product. It’s not that you’re not objective, you’re just too familiar with how it works. You need an independent perspective.

Investing in UX and UI is proven to increase web app success by up to a huge 60%!

As an award winning UX and UI specialist who has run a digital agency for over 15 years and has founded multiple products, I have honed my UX review to uncover key UX and UI obstacles fast, leading to increased conversion and revenue for my clients. Get this audit if you need to:

  • Uncover urgent usability weaknesses in your product.
  • Increase product success with a solid, actionable UX strategy.
  • Identify quick wins to improve UX and UI immediately.
  • Save on marketing costs by improving customer lifetime.
  • Increase conversions with UX best practice and the latest UX thinking.
  • Gain direction governing brand, colour and style.
  • Reduce waste, cut through the noise to the features that matter.
  • Boost revenue and create positive, profitable user experiences.


“Tom is a highly experienced UI/UX design specialist. He has a great creative mind, married with using structure and process to deliver and prove results.”

John Cooke – Entrepreneur / Climate-KIC

William Forshaw

“The audit was very useful, lots of UX and CRO gold nuggets that will increase conversion, looking forward to working with Tom in the future!”

William Forshaw – CEO / Maxwell Scott Bags

Increase web app revenue with an actionable UX audit.

What do I get in my UX audit?

You will receive a practical and actionable teardown of your site or web application presented as a PDF. The audit will also include a free UX walkthrough video highlighting the key issues in real time. My clients always find the video walkthrough extremely valuable as it shows them first-hand the issues customers are facing. It provides a fresh, visual, outside perspective that often uncovers many major obstacles.

I begin the process by carefully assessing your product and taking relevant screenshots as I progress through your all important user journey.

I then run my audit, using proven methods to uncover key issues. During the UX review I make many observations and remarks which relate but aren’t restricted to:

  • My honest professional opinions (from 15 years+ experience).
  • Recommendations to improve onboarding.
  • Suggestions on how to optimise user flow and reduce friction.
  • Views on your product market fit and how UX and UI can unite with your value proposition for the most benefit.
  • Guidance in retaining focus and simplicity.
  • Thoughts on product direction.
  • Reflections on usability.
  • Quick and simple fixes.
  • Advice on UI style and visual impact, colour palette and typography.
  • Credit where credit is due and thoughts on how to apply your strengths elsewhere.
  • Any other related and relevant thoughts to help boost your revenue.

Avatar-Iain-Acton-Entrepreneur-customer-research-specialist-market research-innovator“Tom’s got great UX & UI skills! His coaching saved me hours of time by sharing inside knowledge of what actually works. I highly recommend.”

Iain Acton – Growth Strategist / University of Warwick

Do I qualify for this UX audit?

  • Your business is generating a solid revenue stream.
  • You want to uncover key UX issues and act on now them now
  • You’re open to constructive criticism and willing to listen.
  • You’re SaaS, ecomms, sales or a web app that needs direction.
  • You’re happy to make changes and do what it takes to get results.
  • You have high expectations for design and quality.

Does the UX review cover my entire app?

That depends on how big your product is. If your app has thousands of screens, I can’t cover them all, but more than likely I don’t need to. The biggest problems will arise from the core pages and it’s these I will look to prioritise. I will determine which screens will undergo the UX audit to give the greatest return on your investment.

How involved do I need to be?

Probably not as involved as you would think. First up I will need you to walk me through your business and product in the kickoff consultation via hangouts or skype. It’s important to be as open as possible about your current situation. I’ll be actively seeking out the largest issues your product has and for this, I need a heavy dose of realism from all participating.

Aside from that, I expect you to stay in touch throughout the process in case I have any questions. I will also need full access to all account types within your product.

And finally, you’ll need to set some time aside to review the audit and process the findings. As ever I’m on hand to walk you through anything in more detail.

Can you provide additional design work alongside the UX review?

Certainly! I provide expert UX consultancy and full UI design as a service but, I ask all new clients to start off with a strategy call or an audit as it gets to the root of any problems and uncovers the key objectives for a successful working relationship. It’s also an economical way to start.

How much does the UX review cost?

The Basic Audit currently costs £2995

You’ll get the detailed, actionable UX audit explained above. Everything you need to uncover your major UX issues and increase conversion fast.

The Premium Audit currently costs £8995

Get everything above plus a set of professional, development ready, design mock-ups of the UX optimised pages, built on top of your interactive prototype for extra clarity. Benefits include; Rapid design turn around (3 working days). Nothing gets lost in translation. Fix problems and see the finished product fast. Learn ‘why’ with the audit but ‘see’ why with the design work. Save time and increase conversion fast!

Yes, I’m interested! How do we get started?

Send me a quick email introducing yourself and your product to If you qualify for the audit I’ll issue a selection of dates for the kick-off meeting.

Order today and get your audit results fast, usually within 3 days of our kickoff meeting. All prices exclude VAT. I genuinely look forward to working with you! 🙂

I provide a full money back guarantee on all my services.


Increase your conversion with expert UX and UI design.

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