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Interesting little project update! I’ve been working alongside the team over at Grow Sensors, taking the lead as they design and build out the UX and UI for an Apple and Android app.

The grow app will work alongside a physical environmental monitoring product that they’re in the process of developing to meet the needs of indoor growers and people who farm indoors.

‘Growing your own’ and indoor growing in general has steadily increased in popularity over the past few years.

At Grow, their mission is to create hardware and software products that increase the efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of indoor growing. They’re big on sustainable growing.

The Grow Sensor is THE smart grow room monitor, built for pro growers. It will enable growers to keep tabs on their grow room remotely, hone their grow room environment, reduce costs and save electricity. All whilst growing the best product possible.

The Sensor itself enables growers to optimise their grow room using CO2, VPD and light intensity data shown in the app. It also helps growers Identify problem areas and will employ AI feedback to advise how to fix problems.

The Grow team are busy creating a whole host of useful resources to help indoor growers hone their processes and grow more sustainably, before the launch of the Grow Sensor & accompanying apps.

Checkout the Grow Blog and their interesting content about why environmental monitoring is important, how to use VPD charts to grow the best plants and lots more!

They also make incredible tools to help growers learn and improve, for FREE! Their VPD calculator is great and their CO2 grow room calculator’s really helpful too.

It’s a fun and exciting project to be working on, I’m really looking forward to seeing where the team over at Grow takes it!


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