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Uncover key UX problems fast with an actionable UX strategy call.

You’ll get a 2 hour, 1 to 1 phone consultation enabling you to focus and improve UX and UI of your web app immediately.

Tom’s fresh approach to UX and UI yields results

Alister Fox
Mentor / e4f

Highly professional; excellent creative talent

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Tom’s an invaluable asset to your user’s experience

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Are you losing customers because of  UX and UI problems?

It’s not a nice place to be. Customers aren’t happy and you don’t know where to focus your energy to make progress…

Your product needs an independent perspective. As an award winning UX and UI specialist who has run a digital agency for over 15 years and has founded multiple products, I have honed proven methods to uncover key UX and UI obstacles fast, increasing conversion and revenue.

  • Uncover urgent usability weaknesses in your product.
  • Gain direction governing brand, colour and style.
  • Identify quick wins to improve UX and UI immediately.
  • Reduce waste, cut through the noise to the features that matter.

Is this call right for you?

  • Your business is generating a solid revenue stream.
  • You want to uncover key UX issues and act on now them now.
  • You’re open to constructive criticism and willing listen.
  • You’re SaaS, ecomms, sales or a web app that needs direction.
  • You’re serious about collaborating & appreciate my time is valuable.
  • You want to connect with a UX expert to discuss project work.

Ok, I’m interested!  What do I get from this call?

You’ll receive a focused 2 hour, 1 to 1 phone consultation with myself (on skype or hangouts.) We’ll discuss your product in depth unearthing key obstacles as we progress. We also review available options for fixes, improvements and the best order to implement them enabling you to improve UX and UI immediately:


  • My honest professional opinions
  • Recommendations to improve onboarding
  • Suggestions on how to optimise user flow and reduce friction
  • Guidance in retaining focus and simplicity
  • Reflections on usability
  • Quick and simple fixes
  • Advice on UI style and visual impact, colour palette and typography


Can you provide design work or additional advice?

Certainly! I provide expert UX consultancy and full UI design as a service but depending on your situation, I ask all new clients to start off with a strategy call or an audit as it gets to the route of any problems and uncovers the key objectives for a successful working relationship. It’s also an economical way to start as my full UX and UI day rate is £1000.

How much does it cost

The strategy call is £395. If this service is right for you, I’ll issue you a payment link and once payment is made we book the date for the consultation. Click here to book now! I provide a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of my services. If you’re not happy with the deliverables, I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. All prices exclude vat.


Throw any complex UI/UX challenge at Tom

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Exceeded expectations; a true magician of design

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Entrepreneur / Revitalised

Tom’s UX coaching saves time and money

Iain Acton

Yes, I want to uncover my key UX problems fast. Let’s book the call!

Full money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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Hi, I'm Tom! A UX/UI specialist and founder. I'm passionate about increasing conversion and revenue for growing online companies through expert UX/UI design and consultancy.